Your Soul Is Speaking To You...

Are You Listening?

Each one of us has a reason to be here at this exact moment; but not understanding your Divine Purpose can create pain or patterns in your life that are difficult to overcome like stress, fears, anxiety or addictions. I can work with you at a core level to provide clarity, direction and personal growth.  I have the ability to connect with your higher self and your spiritual alliance to identify barriers and create a strategy that eliminates road blocks and puts you on the path to success! Use the link below to request a Complimentary Consultation to see how I can assist you expand to your fullest potential! schedule Request Complimentary Consultation
Golden Chalice  
This FREE guided meditation from Christ will open your heart to receive special gifts and help expand you to your fullest potential.
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Beth Thater - Reconnective Healer of the Mind, Body and Spirit

Meet Beth

Beth is a gifted Healer, Shaman, and Universal Channel.  Her daily activities include interaction with Jesus, the Ascended Masters, Angels, Pleiadians, Lemurians, Galactic Counsel, and many others for guidance and healing energy being brought through her to help her clients. Beth activates your specific blueprints and assists you in aligning to your Soul’s Purpose and Destiny. Beth works at a deep cellular level. She has the gift to see beyond the veils and hear with great discernment and clarity. Beth’s clients state, “Beth’s work is strong and they have not felt or experienced anything like this before.” She is aligning to the higher realm frequencies and this light holds powerful energetic Christ Consciousness Light Codes.