beth in peru on fire mountain

Beth’s Story

I did not knowingly seek this path, but rather it chose me.  I would like to share my beginnings of an extraordinary doorway in which opened up for me leading me to a path of higher consciousness and an endless sea of wisdom.

I answered a spiritual calling in 2007 which led me to the heart of the rainforest in Peru.  I would work along-side my shamanic teachers and tap into the cellular memory of my ancestral lineage.  The Universe opened up into a kaleidoscope of adventures.  There would be no turning back as I rediscovered the priceless wisdom that our Universe held for each of us.  I went from what I call an unaware state of consciousness to a completely reawakened to my Soul’s Purpose and Destiny.  The miracles revealed to me are for the journals of Heaven.

I am now leading you into my direct experiences.  I practice prayer and meditation in my daily life.  I have found it helpful to quiet my mind so that I can hear God/Higher Consciousness wisdom, guidance, and direction.  On the evening of April 2007 while in Peru, I was sitting in a calm meditative state, eyes closed, and simply being present with God/Spirit.  I felt a presence in front of me and the air became full of static energy like currents of energy moving through me.  I saw the presence of Jesus standing directly in front of me.  My mind began to race, thoughts were flooding me, and in an instant, Jesus Christ read my mind.  Jesus spoke these words to me “do not doubt what you see”.  He repeated this statement twice to me.

John 14:21 “Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me.  He who loves me will be loved by my father, and I too will love him and show myself to him”.

There are not enough descriptive words to describe and express my personal experience.  I sat before Jesus and felt and witnessed His powerful presence.  Jesus resonates extraordinary “Unconditional Love”.  Pure joy and bliss!  I literally fell into tears from the intense emotion of love that I felt in my heart.  I felt like a small and unblemished child in His presence.  This is how Jesus makes you feel.  He sees you with Unconditional love.  There was a deep understanding that Jesus loved me despite the misgivings that I had about myself.  I remember feeling so accepted and loved unconditionally. I have never felt “Unconditional Love” like this before.  Jesus is the perfect Light, perfect Peace, and perfect Harmony.  I pray that everyone experiences this kind of love.  Jesus’ infinite love is how we are supposed to be.  If we loved one another this way, the world would transform into a magical oasis.

His presence was healing me!  I could literally feel myself healing from deep wounds, deep sadness, and life’s nicks and bruises.  Jesus’ light was illuminating every cell of my body and I truly felt safely held in His presence.

I had conversations with Jesus and this went on for a while.  At one point, Jesus placed His left hand on my head and He asked me to reach up and hold His wrist. As I did this, I could actually feel the warmth of His wrist and His pulse.  I pretty much lost it at this point.  I was overtaken by incredible love, joy, mercy, and allowed myself to be safely tucked away in ALL of this Holiness.  Jesus also handed me a staff/scepter from the ethereal realm and told me to “keep this scepter over my heart as it will protect me”.  I knew that I was experiencing what the bible and other historical good books call the supernatural world or unseen world.  I have come to understand since then that this ethereal realm is where ALL the magic takes place in our lives through prayer and well thought out intention.

The events which took place set in motion a constant stream of phenomena of the highest realms.  There was a magnification which took place within my cellular structure.  To date, Jesus shows Himself to me daily and communicates with me, teaches me, leads me, and blesses those who I have the opportunity to work with and assist.  He has shown Himself to many of my clients.

These gifts which have come to me from God/Higher Consciousness are endless.  Spirit has magnified me and the constant wisdom which flows through from Source has, in turn, magnified others.  This is the ultimate gift of ALL.  To be of service.

I work with Jesus; Mother Mary, a Legion of Angels, and a plethora of Master Teachers from the outer realms.  The infinite power and strength which resides with you are unlimited.  Plant some seeds (prayers and intention) and allow these seeds to grow and manifest into the greatest expansion and expression of your God-Self!

God/Creator spoke to me many years ago and He stated: “If I lead you to it, I will bring you through it”.  You are a golden challis of illuminated Light and the capacity which resides within you is the same capacity of our creator, God, Higher Power, Universal Conscious…..WE ARE ONE!!!

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