Listed here are just a few examples of what some of my clients have experienced…

Let me start by saying that I have been in the spiritual/metaphysical field for 20 yrs. I’ve worked in a new age bookstore and have practiced as a licensed massage therapist and energy healer. I have been to more healers than I can count. The reason I found myself in the spiritual realms was that I had exhausted traditional western psychological treatments for a lifetime of severe emotional problems most often diagnosed as clinical depression. I have tried many antidepressants along with talk therapy. Even with all of this, along with a wide variety of psychic readings, I didn’t feel any inner shift or resolution. Last spring I started hearing about Beth. I was very interested because I find indigenous healing fascinating. I was told Beth was trained, among other things, by a Peruvian shaman. I was intrigued but honestly, I didn’t have much in the way of expectations, due to disappointing experiences in the past. When Beth worked on me she was telling me things about myself that went much deeper than anything before but more importantly I felt an energy shift in my heart chakra. Over the next 3 months, I was “cleaned” out. The emotions that were freed were painful, yet I could feel them clear. The insights were remarkable. I feel Beth helped me access deeply buried core issues and resolve them. By clearing away the clutter, Beth helped me begin the journey of self-love. Her humility and unconditional love are tangible qualities that Beth radiates with such Divine joy. I would highly recommend Beth to anyone with the courage to truly heal. Beth is a gem and St. Louis is very blessed to have a healer of her caliber. I’m in eternal gratitude.  ~ C. Tully

Beth Boesel has the divine gift of healing. I participated in two Reconnective Healing sessions with Beth on May 30 and June 7, 2012. My understanding is that this is a form of energy healing that connects the individual with the Earth’s grid system and that of the greater Universe. As this is happening one receives an influx of healing light that helps remove blocked energy within the body, mind, and spirit such as pain, disease, and old belief systems that no longer work for the individual. Beth is the facilitator and conduit for the energy and light to be received. The results not only have a healing effect for the individual, but one’s overall vibration is raised, allowing you to live more and more from your Higher Self.

As one who is a teacher and author committed to helping people awaken to their True Selves, I would never have engaged in these sessions with Beth had I not been 100 percent sure in my heart that she was truly connected to Divine Source/God. Beth has a very pure and humble heart. Her love and connection to Jesus and other Divine Guides, Messengers, and Helpers are beautifully reflected in her joy-filled eyes and her actions. She has prepared and committed herself, and now has been entrusted by God to heal on his behalf.

When I had my first session with Beth, one of my desires was to normalize my blood pressure. For the past 3-4 years, it had begun to creep up to the point where my doctor was considering putting me on medication. Instead, I chose to get more active with a couple of Yoga classes plus a couple of workouts in the gym (weights and cardio) per week. Still, after 18 months of consistent workouts, my blood pressure wasn’t going down. When I went to Beth at the end of May, my blood pressure was 140/94. I measured again about three weeks after our sessions and it was 129/86. I continued to measure weekly and it stayed at the lower numbers. At my doctor’s office in mid-August, it read 128/84. He was pleased. Today, December 10, it read 118/76. How great is that!  I have to credit Beth for having enabled this healing. Beth is the first to say, “The credit goes to God. I have simply made myself available for God’s healing to flow through me to you.”

In mid-June of 2012, Beth conducted the second part of the Reconnection process for me. As a devoted Light Worker and spiritual student, I know God has built into each of us a unique purpose – and we are here to fulfill that purpose. When Beth spoke about this process as a means to activate any dormant spiritual DNA within you and to bring you into the fullness of your connection with God and the Universe, I knew this was an important step for me. Since that time, things are happening! I have more clarity, determination, energy, and courage to move forward on my path. I am more consciously aware of people, intentions, and whether or not they add positive energy to my life. I am experiencing and noticing more and more synchronicity in response to my own intentions and prayers. I feel a deeper connection to God – I feel it in my heart.

I thank Jesus for leading me to Beth. I recommend Beth to anyone who has an open heart and is ready to receive healing and spiritual DNA activation. The world needs you to fulfill your unique purpose. Consider letting Beth help you. You matter!

Janet Wittenauer – Author, Teacher, Seeker
Move Mountains Initiative, LLC

“The first time I worked with Beth, I didn’t have a clear intention for why I was there; I just wanted something to happen.  I was expecting a miraculous happening right then and there, something I could see, feel or witness; but that’s not what happened.  Beth intuitively sensed a block in my communications, which I had been experiencing but hadn’t told her about.  She worked to clear that, but it was not an instant change.  I continued to work with Beth.  We even conducted a workshop together.  One day of the workshop, I was experiencing intense pain in my stomach and wasn’t sure if I could teach.  Before everyone arrived, Beth worked on me in front of her Mesa and without saying a word, she pinpointed the exact location of the pain.  Within 2 minutes, the pain was completely gone – like it was never there.  It’s been over a year now and just recently people have approached me complimenting my written work.  Instantly, God brought to my remembrance that the breakthrough had occurred the first time I worked with her; it just didn’t appear as I thought it might.  If you have the opportunity to work with Beth, don’t hesitate.  My perspective on life has changed.  I am open and grateful for whatever happens at that moment…even if it appears to be nothing!  She has helped me grow closer to God and has changed my life forever.  

Kim Manoogian – Consultant & Coach
Quit My Corporate Job ™

“Thank you so much, Beth! Your gentle yet effective techniques, with you being about 45 minutes away, eliminated my carpal tunnel-like symptoms (that had progressively worsened over the last couple of weeks) in my right arm in just one half-hour session! I appreciate the second Long-distance healing session as a follow-up but by our scheduled time about 24 hours later, my symptoms were pretty much gone. The sensations were subtle, but noticeable… the sharp stabbing pain when I straightened my elbow vanished. You are the real deal, my friend! Thank you for sharing your gift with me!” ~ Sarah F

“Beth, you’re truly a treasure from heaven!  I believe that each one of us has our particular gift to share with the world – a talent, passion, or heart’s desire – which makes us unique or helps us identify our true self here on earth.  Although I’ve made great progress on my personal spiritual journey over the past few years, I was questioning my guidance which caused me to feel stuck.  I had a feeling that I should be doing more in my life and that I had more talent within me that I’ve just not yet tapped into.  Simply talking with you about your own path in life, I found myself.  I felt surrounded by God’s love – in a way that I’ve never experienced before.   I have special gifts and abilities to see some things in a  uniquely different way than others.  I believe the work you did in our sessions helped me unlock some missing pieces that I’ve been looking for to help me move forward.  In addition, the messages you delivered to me also helped confirm what I was already discovering on my own which helped me gain the confidence to “own who I am” and charge forward with confidence.  Since then, my business has increased and our financial situation is behind us.  You are such an inspiration and have a gift that should be experienced by everyone!  Thank you for helping me open the doors I subconsciously closed in my life and for putting me back on track to my Divine Purpose.”

 Julia Eudy – Consultant, Speaker & Trainer
The Conversation Consultant 

“My experience with Beth’s energy work has been from a spiritual standpoint.  I go into each session by praying first to my ultimate healer, Jesus.  By combining my current prayer intent with Beth’s energy work, I have enjoyed healing in ways that are beyond my understanding.  I believe that Beth is so gifted because she has opened her heart and hands to be used by God and has courageously accepted the gift of healing He has placed in her.  Beth is committed to helping people heal and return to wholeness.  During sessions, I have literally felt an energy surge through my body.  I like to think of it as “Heaven” rushing into my heart with healing.   After sessions, I feel deeply, deeply relaxed and centered.  I know Beth has helped bring all my energy systems back into a harmony that my body, soul, and mind flourishes.” ~ LT – Owensville, MO

“I met Beth Thater a couple of years ago when she received the Reconnection from me.  I instantly felt a strong connection to her and her beautiful energies.  Not many people responded with so much heart and soul as she did during the healing sessions and the Reconnection.  She just went places (out of the body) and seen things that I was in awe of.  This was the beginning for her.  After traveling to Peru and studying further she has become an incredibly intuitive and compassionate healer.

Recently, I received a healing from Beth and it was wonderful, joyful and powerful experience. she uses whatever means of Shamanistic, or other approaches to bring about the best possible outcome.  She can see the direction to take and is guided by spirit in both sound and imagery.  I felt both peaceful and filled with energy simultaneously while she performed her mastery of healing.  I would highly recommend Beth Thater to anyone interested in receiving an awakening or in healing on all levels mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.   She is a lady with integrity and a person with whom I have come to highly respect.”  ~  G. B. ~ Rosebud, MO

“Beth, your assured and energy-filled presence set me at ease at my last visit.  I really loved the way you incorporate the different modes of healing into the cohesive web that I felt surrounding me and I could literally feel the dis-ease washing away from me.  I was so relaxed after our session and walked away filled with a clarirty and lightness of being that I had never felt before.  Thank you for all you have done for me.  You are an angel!” ~ J.Q. – Minnesota

“I loved my sessions.  I felt so relaxed – it felt like I had “come home”.  So much energy was moved!  After the sessions, I felt whole and complete.  I have so much more confidence.  I felt you really put yourself into the work and that I was getting 100% effort and effect.  I am truly a different person than the one who came for the first time.  Thank you!” ~ M.N. – Warrenton, MO

“I am a 64-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma-stage 4. I have had a number of treatments (radiation and chemotherapy.) January 5, 2012, I underwent an allo stem cell transplant and was hospitalized for about a month. About halfway through my hospitalization when I was very sick—I couldn’t talk because my mouth and throat were so sore, I couldn’t swallow without the feeling of a stabbing pain (unable to swallow anything solid including pills), and when I did manage to swallow my cream of wheat it came back up within 10-20 minutes. Again, a very painful time.

Beth texted my husband and told him she had gotten my name and medical problem through a friend of my daughter. She felt the need to do some long-distance healing with me if I was open and willing. I was so willing at that point, so she set up a time for me to have a session with her. I laid on my hospital bed at the appointed time and had no idea what was about to happen. I remember closing my eyes and within seconds I could see brilliant colors of purple, green, then yellow and finally white. The next thing I knew I was waking up one hour later. I could hardly believe the change. Before our session at 10 am, as usual, I tried to eat my soft cereal (painful), then threw up 10 minutes later (painful) and of course, could not talk. But, after I awoke at 11 am, I could talk, granted my voice was somewhat hoarse sounding, but I could talk without pain. I felt somewhat hungry for the first time in days, so my husband went to a hospital cafeteria and brought me soup, which I ate without pain and it stayed down. My husband and I were amazed. I was so tired after that 1st session and so, after lunch, I took a nap and awoke to tell my husband I had the most beautiful dream with such vivid colors. He told me Beth had sent an email which said I would probably be very tired after that 1st session and I might dream. After phoning Beth, she explained that 1st and foremost she was acting as a vessel between me and Jesus. She was able to aid in clearing a good deal of dark energy to help speed recovery. She did several more long-distance healing and each time I improved physically. A bonus was the clearing of old resentments I had held inside of me. I didn’t realize until days later, that those deep-seated hurts and frustrations were gone. I have had such a feeling of freedom. I truly have forgiven those who had hurt me in the past. I still have not met Beth in person, but she is an angel here on earth. I cannot thank her enough. I pray she can continue to use her special gifts with many more. Forever grateful to you Beth, for sharing your precious gifts with me through Jesus Christ our Lord. ~Penny H. 

“Thank you, Beth, for restoring the physical and emotional stability in my life.

Beth has a unique gift of healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual traumas that occur in our lives. Her hands on technique is comforting and you “just know” that Jesus is absorbed into her physical being issuing out His wonderful healing energy using Beth as His healing agent.

I, personally have battled cancer twice in my life. The last being breast cancer. The trauma, both emotionally and physically, is devastating. I was fortunate to know Beth and am so very grateful that Beth reached into the depths of my soul and renewed my faith and excitement for life again with her healing techniques. My physical body has been damaged but Beth gave me the awareness that it’s never too late to “un-damage” the emotional and spiritual part of my life. Thank you, Beth.

Beth’s technique of healing offers a physical and spiritual awareness that lingers in your soul and hovers around your body. It’s up to us, as individuals, to envelop the awareness that Beth leaves with us and embrace the healing energies to nurture our body, mind, and soul. ~June F. – Wentzville, MO

Before I met with Beth Thater, I was sinking into a deep depression. I could literally feel myself falling off the edge, due to some disturbing life events that fell upon me. I knew I could not allow that to happen, and although I’d only met Beth a couple of times, I felt drawn to her and sought her out. After my first session, I felt immediately transformed. I felt light-hearted, peaceful, and focused. We continued working together and had 5 total sessions, and each time, I became healthier mentally and spiritually. I can’t exactly describe what happened to me; all I can evaluate are the results. I am a different person since working with Beth. I know my purpose and am pursuing it with vigor–something I could not have done if I had, indeed, sunk into the looming depression. I really believe that working with Beth changed the course of my life.  ~ Name Not Provided