Many of you connected to me understand there is a quantum shift taking place on our planet right now and we are each moving through our own birthing process.  Some of you have already begun the expansion of your Christ Conscious DNA and are beginning to experience the benefits that come with accepting your gifts.  I often ask the higher realms to use me as a channel to share wisdom or messages that can help my community.  The message I received loud and clear from God/Creator was…

“Activate Your Christ Conscious DNA.”

I know through my own work I have been going through preparations, continually receiving wisdom and learning how I can better serve humanity using my Divine Gifts. I work directly with Jesus on a daily basis and He brings in Light Codes that infinitely stream through our earth plane from the higher realms.  I work diligently with these Christ Codes both with my clients and for my own personal transformation and expansion and what is happening is beyond human words.  Lets just say that my natural abilities have opened up and my ability to work on an expanded scale within the cosmos has allowed me to be a stronger vessel for our creator to work with and through. 

Christ Conscious DNA

Because I am so often asked by my clients to explain how this works, I asked Jesus to help me find the words to define this process.  He relayed the following message:

What are Christ Conscious DNA Codes?

“Human DNA was encoded with the ability to recall higher wisdom through cellular expansion. When the time was right, those of you who connected to Cosmic Laws would be asked to step into their brilliance to help humanity in the re-birthing process of Earth. These light codes are transmissions of light that are embedded with the vibration of Christ Consciousness.  This re-birthing process involves the activation of your DNA strands utilizing light codes. These light codes, or Christ Conscious Codes, expand your DNA activating dormant wisdom/knowledge to allow you to experience new beginnings through the acceleration of your light bodies.  This acceleration increases your vibrational frequency and restores you to the Oneness experienced through your Mighty I Am Presence.

Beth, and other guardians of the light, are becoming aware of the mission that our Creator placed within their heart.  The cells in their bodies have been waiting for this moment in time and, when ready, those part of your vibration will seek you out to help them activate their gifts.  Each person you help creates a massive “ripple effect” across the earth plane.  For every one person operating at an illuminated state, they directly effect another 1.5 million people on the planet.”   – Jesus

For those of you within my connections that this speaks directly to, you are ready.  You can meet with me personally for an activation or check my EVENTS page for upcoming workshops where we will work on launching these activation’s in a group session.

“Now is the time to act upon what you were called to do.”  – Jesus 

Yours in light,