How to Prepare for Your Session

People meet at different crossroads in their life journey.  We come across mental, physical, emotional or energetic road bumps that create detours in our path.  Some people are battling physical concerns like cancer, MS, or diabetes.  There are also mental related concerns like depression, ADD/ADHD, autism or stress.  Often times, these things are a result of emotional clutter or build-up in our bodies.  Beth’s role in your session is to facilitate an energetic connection with a divine realm that helps you receive information with the goal of clearing the blockage and getting you back on course for mental and physical health.  This may include guidance or clarity on how to refine your path.  Your role will be to identify your intentions for our meeting and to be open to receiving information.

What are Intentions?

Intentions are simply your goal or focus on what you want to achieve or learn.  For some, it might be where you’re feeling stuck or need some specific information.  For others, you may not have anything specific, just seeking guidance.  In either case, it’s important to come with an open mind and heart to allow the process to naturally unfold.

Onsite Healing

Beth is located in Wright City, Missouri and invites clients into her practice for healing sessions on a regular basis.  Here, she has a very peaceful environment in the loft of her home that allows me to best serve her clients in whatever means she is spiritually guided.  It may include general prayer and energy work like Reiki, or it may include crystal work or other symbolic tools from the earth that she has collected on her journey to Peru.  A typical session usually runs between 40-60 minutes with some debriefing.  Most clients prefer one-hour sessions as they receive more benefit from the healing and being surrounded by the light energy of her environment.

Distance Healing

This is particularly beneficial for those who are ill or are far outside the Warren County, Missouri area.  With prayer and the ability to tap into higher consciousness, Beth is able to be “spiritually” present with someone by sheer intention.  This gift allows me to perform the same type of activity she would perform if they were present in her space.  The response to this type of healing has been very impressive and effective for many clients.

During The Session

It is best to dress comfortably and avoid restrictive clothing. It is also important to understand that you must participate in the healing process, so come with intention and be open to receive whatever message, visual images, or experience you may have and realize this is unique to each person.

For the best results, try to remain in a state of open expectancy. Allow this process to unfold naturally. Sometimes people feel that they need to busy their minds with prayer or intention throughout the healing process. Do this before you arrive so that you can keep your mind still during the session. God already knows what you need and the healing that comes in for you is and will be personal for you.

The client will lie down on a table, eyes closed, remain childlike and receive the energy/frequency which will come in. You are receiving this transfer of light healing whether you realize it or not. Clients have reported feeling heat or waves of cold come through them, sensations of electrical currents, the feeling that Beth is touching them when she is not, visions of various colors, pictures, symbols, and some clients have reported seeing angels or receiving direct messages from them. It is not uncommon for people to have out of body experiences. The list is endless! Beth has personally experienced all of the above.

It is important that the client and Beth work together in this divine process. It is her goal for each client to have the best experience possible. To date, every client that she has worked with has experienced this beautiful energy in the form of light. Some of their experiences have literally caused paradigm shifts in their lives and way of thinking. Why? Because they stepped into the unseen world, the other dimensions and had their eyes opened! The veils came down and the truth and reality of the universe we live in became very real to them. The TRUTH will set you free!!!!

Note:  Beth does not guarantee results from healing sessions just as any doctor cannot guarantee results.  She does believe, however, that something will happen if you let it.

After Your Session

When the session is complete, Beth will review the information that she received from the Divine Realm and identify some specific action items that will help you refine your journey.  You are welcome to record this information using a phone app or similar recording device to help you recall the specifics of our session and identify other items that can unfold during the healing process.

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