What Are Energetic Shifts?

I’m often asked to describe “energetic shifts” to help people understand the “new energy coming to earth” from the Pleiadians.  In a recent meeting with the Pleiadians, I asked them to clarify this for us.  The following message is the channeling I received from them:

The planetary system is shifting and more and more energetic layers are releasing.  The magnetic seals of your planet are shifting.  These seals have been in place for millennia and it is time that they are removed.  They are removed once humans accept the brilliance and oneness of that which they are and the fullness of that which they are.

These seals have been held in place until we made the necessary adjustments within your Cellular DNA.  As the seals are removed from your earth plane, your crystalline structure will shift and expand into Christ Consciousness (or as the Pleiadians like to call this “Christed energy”.)

Humans have been exposed to separation so that you could learn to express love for one another and compassion without judgement as Jesus loved you.  We express a multitude of love and gratitude to those who have walked this path.  We know it has not been easy but yet you chose to do so.  By releasing separation, humans connect to the infinite wisdom of that which you are which is the source energy within each of you and the returning to Christ Consciousness.

Energetic layers will be releasing from the earth plane at a magnitude.  For every layer that is lifted, new magnitudes of Christ Consciousness will stream through.  There will be many adjustments taking place within your Cellular DNA. 

Beginning December 1st every 14 days there will be a series of seven layers released from our earth plane and this will continue through January 1st.  It is important that you get the much needed rest that you need as the souls of your bodies will be making the necessary adjustments.  The cells of your body are moving through many adjustments and are activating further and further into Christ consciousness.  As you make these adjustments, you will realize the brilliance of that which you truly are.

We see you perfectly imperfect bounding forth and taking the necessary steps to enter into the oneness and unity of your own pure source energy.  The evolutionary process requires that you step into the greatest expression of our God source energy and our own source energy.

Blessings from the Pleiadians