Upcoming Events

June 16th – Fire Ceremony

Sacred Fire CeremonyBeth Thater-Maune and Gerry Page have been guided to bring their collective medicine together and assist our community in breaking up old patterns, dense stuck energies and binds that have held you back.

Beth has studied for over 12 years with her shamans in Peru and Spain. She had a calling back to the Shamanic path to bring this sacred grassroots wisdom back to her community and world. She brings the Chavin tradition through her work yet works with all traditions. Beth will bring her sacred healing tools for deeper cleansing. You will have the opportunity to connect to powerful tools which will bring in new energetic alignments.

Gerry harnesses ancient wisdom which he inherently knows. Although he is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, he offers traditional South American Shamanic practices with his own personal touch. Each experience is unique as he uses breath, smoke, feathers, drum, and Native American flute in his work. Gerry has been working into his gifts for 9 years and continues to grow.

Beth and Gerry would like you to join them in a ceremony offering to the fire, then allow them to take you on a journey with their drums, rattles, and sacred healing tools. You will be connecting to the higher realms and your ancestral families. This is a time for deep, deep healing to take place.

DATE:  Sunday, June 16th
TIME:  6:30-8:30 pm
LOCATION:  The Peace Place, 2841 Barrett Station Road, Ballwin, MO  63021
FEE:  $74/person

July New Moon Amplification Retreat

girl with butterflies coming out of door in her heartThe New Moon is the ideal time to retreat to a quiet setting in nature to awaken/amplify the divine frequency of your unique light language so that you may express yourself openly, lovingly and freely. Join Beth Thater-Maune & Misty Pennington for a New Moon Amplification Retreat at a privately-owned rural setting in Winfield, MO. Beth will bring in Pleiadian Master Key Symbols that hold high frequencies of Christ Consciousness while Misty energetically assists in building frequencies with Crystal Singing Bowls.

DATE: Saturday – July 27th, 2019
TIME: 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm
LOCATION: Winfield, MO (exact address provided after registration)
FEE: $222 (Speak with Misty if you need a Payment Plan)

Submit Registration by emailing Misty Pennington at Misty@GardenofCommonGround.com