blue light beingWhy Expand Into Your Pure Source Energy?

We are all magnifiers of God’s light and we each hold tremendous source energy.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  This class is designed to help you step into a greater expression of your own Pure Source Energy and reside in a heightened state of consciousness by shedding layers of guilt, self-sabotage, fear, self-doubt and all illusions of the truth.

Upon birth, seals were placed upon four main areas of our bodies.  These seals kept us from operating in our fullest version of our Higher Self and allowed us to experience separation.  The separation caused us to experience pain, suffering, and other emotions which may have caused us to feel isolated.

Upon the pulling and releasing of these seals, you will be operating in more of your Pure Source Energy/God Energy, allowing you to operate in your God qualities.  You will undergo new calibrations which will allow your energetic light field to expand.   One’s consciousness expands on every level and you will find that you are functioning at a higher capacity of your natural state and able to access higher realm energies more easily.

How Does This Workshop Help?

At this time, we are called to step into this process.  The cells of our bodies and our consciousness have been waiting for this.  We came here on earth to experience separation so that we could experience love and compassion for others.  This is who we already are!

We are truly vehicles of love and compassion and through the removing of these seals, we step into a greater version of our God expression and authority of that which we are….our Mighty I AM Presence.  As we activate our Pure Source Energy, our consciousness shifts at a rapid rate and we are no longer affected by the third-dimensional aspects of ourselves which are no longer serving us purpose. In a nutshell, you are able to receive an influx of light into all vehicles of your consciousness allowing you to operate at a rapid and heightened state of your consciousness.  (This is an understatement!!!)

How Often Should I Attend These Workshops?

As often as you are called.  I will periodically be called to hold this class because shifts on the earth plane have prepared us to release and expand more ourselves.  Your Higher-Self will know what you need when you need it.  Some may be called to every class to give themselves the gift of connectivity just like going to church, temple or similar.  Others may be more advanced or self-enabled that participation will only be necessary as guided to attend based on how you are progressing with your individual daily work.  If you have asked for help in the expansion, or clearing of specific patterns, you may discover this opportunity or feel a calling to attend.  Know that this is the answer to your prayers and that your attendance will provide you the enlightenment you seek.

Going through the seal removing process is a very freeing experience.  The birthing into your true energy flow is like nothing I had ever experienced before.  As we release the seals that we no longer need, we are connecting back to our true source energy, which we are ready for at this time.  I cannot recommend this enough!!! – Christy Aubuchon

Do I Need To Bring Anything?

It is always good to arrive prepared with pen/pencil and paper at the very least.  You are also encouraged to bring a crystal with you to record the energy brought into the session.  You can then take that energy home with you to continue your work through your own private meditation.  Finally, you might want to bring a refillable water bottle.  A water station is available to refill your bottle if needed either on break or before/after class.

Do I Need To Register To Attend?

Advance registration is always suggested due to the size of the room we currently have available to hold these workshops.  When necessary, we will add additional dates for workshops or possibly offer alternate locations; but in any case, knowing in advance who is coming will help our venue best prepare for our arrival with the proper seating arrangements.  That said, if at the last moment you, and even a friend, feel compelled to attend; rest assured you will be greeted with open arms and a warm smile.

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