book cover with Jesus atop a stairway surrounded by cloudsFor the past year, I have been tucked away in solitude completing the biggest mission of my life to date. Our Creator/God placed a significant assignment on my head and this was to write a book on all of my direct experiences through my spiritual awakening and journey.

The details contained within my book are powerful and life-changing. Following my own inner calling, I was given access to the higher realms, ancestral families, and heaven. I was brought through a series of historical events that happened on our past time-line and have also been shown events that will happen in our future. Needless to say, I am having powerful prophetic visions and I am sharing these messages with humanity. It is, after all, an assignment from our beautiful and creative Creator/God.

Below is an excerpt from my book highlighting my first encounter with Jesus.

“It felt about two hours into our ceremony that I saw an aura of crystal, bright light moving towards me.  This light was intense, and as the light came closer, I saw an image emerging.  The air became full of electrical currents around me, and I looked up to see Jesus standing before me.  I instantly bowed in His presence, a natural, automatic response coming through me, and felt deep reverence towards Him. My mind immediately began to race in what felt to be a thousand directions.  Is this really happening?  Who am I that He would appear to me?  My mind ran on!   Jesus read my mind in an instant and said, “Do not doubt what you see.”

This excerpt is a small fraction of my direct experience with Jesus that night. What I didn’t know at the time was that God had a big plan for me. A plan that would open me up to the higher realms and witness Powerful events and phenomena. My book is full of amazing experiences that I went through. I was told by Jesus Himself to write down every account and share these accounts with humanity.

My book launch is set for November 9th. I will have a kindle version available for $1.00 for this day only, so mark your calendar to participate!  I will include a direct link to purchase both on my webpage ( and on my Facebook Page, Beth Thater-Maune. I am so excited about releasing my book and sharing powerful miracles taking place within our world!

My prayer of intention is to remind everyone on our planet that they are the light of God and the light of God never fails. Also, to open your heart to experience your own divinity. We are ONE.

If you are interested to learn more about my personal journey and the unique calling each one of us holds within our hearts, use the link below to participate in my Book Launch Event on November 9th.

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