I am currently being mentored by Christine Day “Pleiadian Ambassador.”  Christine has written several books on the Pleiadian’s and she has been helping humanity understand the “Awakening Process.”    I attended her three day Pleiadian workshop in November of 2013.   I received an incredible amount of initiations which took me to a whole new vibrational level.  Christine Day and I found that we had a sacred agreement this life-time to help humanity expand consciously.  This was part of our divine contact to meet up again and like clock-work we did.
Christine gave me some information which helped me construct an energetic space and also a grid for people to work with.  I have already done this circle process with three others who I do planetary work with.  The outcome was out of this world literally.  It is a gentle process we move through and each of you is ready and being prepared to do more for humanity as well.  Many of you are already working in this capacity.
The Circle Process and Grid Line.
We will move through two processes.  The “Circle Process” and “Grid Line Process.”  The Circle Process is where we will all anchor into the energetic vortex the Pleiadians and other galactic Beings have set up.  It is really quite gentle.  There will be a great deal of initiations coming to you during this setting.  We will be connecting to our hearts and I will be receiving “Sacred Sounds” from the Pleiadians and transferring these sounds to you.  You will also be working with these “Sacred Sounds.”  Many of you have watched Christine Days Pleiadian Broadcast’s.  I am taking you through a process much like this.
After we have sufficiently anchored into the Circle Vortex, the Master Teacher’s will inform me that we are done with this process and to move on to the Grid Line.  This is where the Big, Big, Big Galactic Energies come in.  I got super blown out with this process but it was fun.  No turning back!

The Grid Line

The Grid Line is an initiation place much more intense and potent.  The “Grid Line” is a space that I will have placed in my home with the help from the Pleiades and Galactic Beings.  It looks like a soft shower of gold light streaming down from the cosmos for those of you are seers.  This wall of light is connected to the “Universal Grid” and helps anchor you into it vastness.
The student’s will lay down with their heads on the Grid Line and will receive their own personal initiations on the Grid.  There will be a different group of energies you are working with.  You will receive a great deal of energetic initiations from this space.
The student’s will open up to another level of awakening and processing.
What are we doing?
We are anchoring into a vortex of galactic energy
We are connecting to our heart center
We are receiving new calibrations
We are receiving an incredible amount of initiations helping us “remember” and “Awake.”
We are anchoring into the Universal Grid
We are expanding our Cellular DNA
We are working with our own personal Blue-Prints
We are moving into greater “Personal Expansion”
We are healing humanity and the generations to come
If your soul feels the call to experience this sacred setting than please contact me ASAP.  I want to invite everyone but I am keeping this group small at this time.  If you are unable to make this group setting, no worries as I will have other circles.
This process expanded my consciousness so much that I am able to see the other dimensions, be present here but also view myself from a distant in other realms.  We are multi-dimensional beings able to operate in multi-dimensions and our personal expansion is unlimited!  Yeah!!!   My perceptions are so much more expanded and I know that much of this transformation took place on the grid line.  It was wild! But Fun