Pleiadian Message Beth Boesel-ThaterThe earth plane is moving through many planetary shifts. Planetary alignments are taking place within your planet and these alignments are causing shifts within your cellular structure.  As you release the 3rd dimensional aspects of yourself, you will reside in your higher vibration of that which you already are, of that which is of God qualities.

 The releasing of the 3rd dimensional aspects will allow a purification to take place within your heart centers. We are asking each of you to release that which you wish to let go of which are the 3rd dimensional aspects you have been holding onto for lifetimes which might be anger, fear, frustration, loss, self-doubt, jealousy etc.  As these dissolve, you free yourselves from lower vibrations and you will magnify into Christ Consciousness.

 We are asking each of you to hold the greatest version of your God qualities directed from your hearts.  We are going to make adjustments within your heart center.  This will allow you to return to your natural vibration leading you into the greatest version of your God qualities.  Each of you is magnified with God’s light within your heart center and we are returning to a resurrection of Christ consciousness.

 We are asking you to shut the doors from your past and give birth to a greater expression of yourself.  You are moving into a rebirthing and your cellular structure is shifting to Christ consciousness and old patterns held within your Cellular DNA will release.  As we birth into the greatest version of our God qualities, we illuminate the world in which we live in.  We are as tuning forks for one another activating within ourselves and for the totality of our planetary consciousness.

We want you to know that you are shifting exponentially into Christ consciousness and we want you to know that we love you and we see the burdens that you have carried for so long.  We are here to help support your earth plane into the magnificent qualities that each of you hold.  We admire and respect your journeys and the hardships that you have gone through to get to this place that you now stand.