What Are Awakening Codes?

Awakening Codes (aka: Initiations of Light or Universal Frequencies) are frequencies of Light and Information of Christ Consciousness which activate our DNA Blue Prints. These transmissions of light help accelerate the expansion of our cellular crystalline structure to prepare us for higher dimensional shifts.   Each person’s genetic structure is different; therefore, each “Transmissions of Light” comes in specifically for you.  The Pleiadians have aligned Beth’s cellular structure to enable her to transmit these codes to others.  Beth simply channels these transmissions of light directly from the Pleiadian realm acting like a conduit to deliver these very specific codes to each person she works with.

What Are These Awakening Codes For?

The Pleiadians, Archangels, Jesus, Mother Mary and other Master Teachers have been preparing Beth for some time now to transfer these Christ Conscious energetic codes or “Transmissions of Light” to others as the earth is preparing for a great shift from the third to the fourth and fifth dimensions.  In the third dimensional realm, people act out of drama and fear which are lower aspects of our true selves.  To “Awaken” each person has to consciously make a decision to move past these illusions.  Those ready to accept higher frequencies move through a birthing process by consciously connecting to these light transmissions.  In doing so, your Crystalline Structure literally expands and you heal at a deep cellular level gently moving you out of the third dimension and into the fourth and fifth dimensional realms.  Here we consciously move into our heart space and come to realize that there is no separation, only complete connection to every living thing.  Once in the fifth dimensional realm, we will operate in a place of harmony, joy and love and will feel freedom of who we are connecting to our diving nature.  We are ONE!  One with the Universe we live in.

What To Expect In A Universal Light Healing

Beth works with a large bandwidth of intelligent Light Beings including Jesus, Mother Mary, the Pleiadians, Archangels and Master Teachers.  During a healing session, these beings  are present guiding her actions showing her exactly what type of healing each person needs.  Building from her gift as a Medium and training in Shamanism and the Reconnection, she removes blocked energy in the body,  aligns your light body to the earthly grid, restores healing light frequencies and can actually see the crystalline structure change.  From her perspective, it is an amazing process to watch.

The Benefit of Awakening Codes

Making a conscious decision to participate in a Universal Light Healing you can connect to your divine purpose, who you are, your natural abilities, and the fact that you are a dynamic divine being who has remarkable gifts to share with the world.   Beth has undergone major transformation from working on herself, shedding layers, masks, and connecting to these beautiful Awakening Codes.   Those who she has worked with are now operating at new and advanced levels of spiritual awakening.  Each of us has a divine purpose and we are here to remember this divine purpose.   There is comfort in knowing who you are, why you are here, and what you are to accomplish.   Beth is now fulfilling her sacred contract and it is her desire to help humanity remember their true nature.


(Image Credit:  Shutter Stock)