What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is a personal energetic process through which we let go of our old beliefs and society expectations to connect to a part of us that is ever-trusting in our creator.  This trust takes us deep within ourselves revealing a personal truth – a spark of wisdom and abilities that we have known or felt deep within our heart and soul since our creation.  This truth has knowledge of all that is in the Universe and clearly identifies our role as a creator serving a greater, Universal plan.  This plan outlines a life of happiness and harmony, but we have to be willing to make the choice to follow the path our Creator has provided us. This path is unique to each person.  It was something designed by our Creator and includes experiences and learning opportunities to help prepare us for what lies ahead in our life’s journey. These opportunities include making decisions that keep us in alignment to the love our creator provides.  Through our continued faith and trust in him, he will help you open doors that reveal the most amazing experiences.

My Spiritual Awakening Journey Revealed An Amazing Version Of Myself

Spiritual Awakening Peru MeditationI was led to Peru many years ago to answer a soulful calling to participate on spiritual journey.  It was on that first journey in Peru, that Creator carried me to the cosmos and reminded me of my plan. When I said “yes” to Creator, and accepted my role as a Spiritual Healer, he presented me with amazing  gifts and opportunities – each leading to extraordinary experiences that have blown my mind!   It has certainly been an interesting path to follow!  In addition to the gift of divine vision and communication with the spiritual realm, I have been shown how to help humanity on their journey using my gifts to help them release energetic blocks and filters that were placed upon us when we entered this world to help us experience separation from our spiritual self.  As my subconscious mind went through a complete breakdown of old belief systems and shattered illusions, I found that I was being molded into something new.  This brought up challenges for me.  It took a personal choice to stay focused on Creator’s plan instead of society’s ideas, my parent’s beliefs and institutional conditioning, but it was worth it!

Since that first journey, Creator has shown me that we are certainly not alone in this Universe. We have a multitude of energetic teachers at our beckon call and that we are so much more than what we have ever been taught.  I was being shown the infinite nature of our cosmos and in a place of understanding that I needed to shed all the old aspects and illusions of my upbringing. Basically, I was in a place of unlearning, deleting, and purging old ideas so that I could start over.  It was like rewiring and rebooting my internal computer and loading a new operating system or “Blue Prints” from which I would now work.

I was shown how the protective cloaks, masks, and layers that I was wearing were suffocating me!  I was so much more powerful than what I thought I actually was!  I had to get real honest and vulnerable with myself.  Wearing those protective layers kept me stuck in a lie.  Looking back,  I thought the masks would protect me from being persecuted by society – at least, that was what I told myself. Early in my state of awakening, I wondered what people, family, friends, and society would think if they knew that I could communicate with the ancestors from other star systems, speak to Jesus, and also go home at will and check in with my ancestral family.  I didn’t want them to think that I was some kind of kook who was operating in la, la land.

We Are Surrounded With The Support We Need To Grow

I can recall several years ago meeting my sister Lynette for coffee and two old friends walked into the shop greeting me with a big smile and wanting to know what I was up to these days.  I literally went into what felt like dumb down mode and I said, “Oh, nothing much”.  My sister Lynette, immediately stepped in and spoke up like a trumpet.  She said, “My sister Beth is an amazing energy healer and she has helped transform my life!”  Lynette went on to share her experiences  telling in detail how God was using me to help her.

I remember thinking, “Wow, why couldn’t I speak up for myself?”  I remember leaving that luncheon upset with myself.  On my way home, I looked deep into my soul to find the answers.  What I found was that I had projected onto my friends what I thought they would say, or how I thought they would respond.  I realized that this was just my ego stepping in trying to protect me from pain that at some point I perceived would happen when telling others about my gifts.  The ego is rooted in fear and will tell you, “you better not do this or that because humanity will not understand and they are not ready for you”, “you’re not good enough”, “you’re not ready” … blah, blah, blah!  Now, I had a choice to listen to my ego or to listen to my divine higher-self voice rooted in my heart which follows the bigger plan outlined by Creator.  At that moment, I resolved to be honest with myself and communicate authentically from that moment on.

Spiritual Awakening - PeruA few weeks later, I ran into a few more friends who also inquired if I was still teaching. I confidently and boldly stated “No.  I had been traveling to Peru to work with Shamans and that I was now working as a Spiritual Healing Practitioner.”  They responded with much enthusiasm and excitement towards me that I felt very empowered!  That trust allowed me to see for myself the power I had to change my own experiences by letting go of the fear and moving forward in faith.

As I began to take ownership of my true identity and step into my power, I found that more of God’s infinite wisdom came through, and more doors began to open.  I understood that all I needed to do for my spiritual awakening was be faithfully open and pure vessel allowing Creator’s energy to flow through me and trust that the right wisdom, guidance, and direction would come forth.

It was a bit uncomfortable at the beginning of my journey to show people my true authentic self.  They knew me as a school teacher, coach, and athlete.  They didn’t really know me as a Spiritual Healer.  During my spiritual awakening journey I felt naked on many levels and extremely vulnerable, but it was in this vulnerable state that I learned to trust again.  The shedding of the cloaks and masks were a MUST in order for me to transform.  Just like a caterpillar goes through a metamorphosis to turn into a beautiful butterfly, we are constantly going through this shift in our awakening process.

I really love it when people stand in their power, when they throw on colorful clothing and dance in the wind, when they speak their truth, and boldly execute what our creator is asking them to do for the greatest good of all mankind.  You won’t always be understood but who cares!  I happen to run with spirit filled friends, those who are Torch Bearers, Light Workers, Shaman’s, those who are climbing the infinite latter to the higher realms, and creating an impact in humanity through their own spiritual awakening.  Blessed are those who bring life to everything and turn their shiny faces to our infinite creator daily.

It is a new time my friends, so throw your old garments and masks to the bin and allow your own metamorphosis to begin!  Spiritual awakening is an ongoing process and one that demands faith in yourself – your inner truth.  If this speaks to you, but you feel stuck in some way, know that I am here to serve you.  I offer a Complimentary Consultation to allow you to determine for yourself if this is the next step you need to take in your journey.  You can use the Consult Request Form to request I connect with you, or call me directly at 636-299-8694 to schedule an appointment.