woman standing on mountaintop arms extended


When I was a young student in school, I would often sit in the back of the class. I did not like school and I certainly did not want my teacher to call upon me. I suppose that at an unconscious level, fading into the background was my way of not being seen. I would have given anything to have one of those invisible capes that Harry Potter had. I thought that I was pretty clever fading into the background but now I see that this behavior did not serve me well.

While in college, I had this amazing anatomy instructor by the name of Barbara Bernard. She told our class early on that if we wanted to do well in her class that we should sit in the front of the class, study her lab notes directly after class so that we would retain the information, and dress up on test day. I didn’t listen to her immediately until after my first test which was nothing to boast about. I was sitting in the back of the class at this time and something clicked within my mind. I no longer wanted to fade away in the background.

The next day, I came in and found a seat in the front of the class and then proceeded to study my lab notes right after class. I shifted my way of thinking about who I am and that it was time to rise up and take a seat in the front of the class in every area of my life. I would no longer sit in the back row anymore. I aced my next anatomy test as I sat in the front of Mrs. Bernard’s class wearing one of my nicest outfits.

I loved this new version of myself. I realized that if I didn’t elevate myself that no one would. Previously, I had conjured up this idea that I was not a good student. What a crock of hooie!!! I became an excellent academic student as a result of Mrs. Barbara Bernard telling us to “take a seat in the front of the class.” This seed she planted has lived on in my life and she had no idea what a profound difference she has made in my life as a result of her golden words.

I have a question for you.

Where are you sitting in your life?

Do you have some old programming telling you to sit in the back row? I hope not! If you do, I am here to tell you that you have the capability to step up and out into your victory lane. The illusions that we may be holding onto about ourselves can keep us from rising up and they are a crock of hooie. I am now residing in a very empowered place and state of emotional bliss as a result of sitting in the front row.

I invite you to take action in your life and find the “front seat” of whatever you’re facing.  Clear the way, you are coming through!!!

In Light,