access language of lightWhat is the Language of the Light?

I am often asked about the Language of the Light and asked how you can access this information.  I wish I could say that I waved a magic wand and behold the Light Language just magically came forth but that was not how it happened.  It really is a process, and one that requires our heart center to be opened up and fully activated into the Christ Conscious energies.  I do recall the day it happened!  I was facilitating a shamanic journey and as I stepped up to my Mesa/Alter, the Light Language came through me like a flood gate opened up.  It felt familiar to me and I recognized the wisdom.  This phenomenon took place several years ago and since then, the Language of the Light has become a natural part of my daily expression.  

This language is unique to each person.  It is the frequency in which Source/God speaks to us. It is a perfect, unobstructed source energy which is a unification of collective consciousness in its pure state.  The Light Language allows us to harness and activate God’s perfect light and through the activation of these light codes we are able to connect to the Cosmic Laws and God/Source infinite wisdom.  The light transmissions within the Light Language carry a high frequency repairing our DNA and aligning us to access a heightened state of consciousness.

How Do You Access the Language of the Light?

My guides instructed me that our heart center must be fully opened to the Christ Conscious energies to receive this frequency.  In essence, we are to be operating in a heightened state of unconditional love for ourselves and humanity.  Also, our DAP (Divine Access Point) in the front and back of our neck must be activated as well.  The DAP expands and extends to our heart center all the way to our Godhead energy found in the Sacrum region.  There is an expansion of light within one’s entire cellular structure/body structure, bringing you to a heightened state of consciousness.  It is like a radio center or communication center that connects you to the Grand Central Sun.

When I am channeling the Language of the Light, there is an understanding that this pure vibration streaming through is shifting the cellular structure in my body.  This also takes place when I am working over my clients.  The vibration of the Light Language shifts our cellular structure allowing the light codes within the frequencies to shift old patterns, repair DNA, and there is a restructuring and re-patterning of our entire system taking place.  The sound/frequencies hold tremendous healing power and it is truly beautiful to witness from a personal standpoint.

Many different languages come through me and often I am able to interpret the information coming through the language.  As you quiet your mind and still your heart, you will find that you too will be able to receive the messages through the Light Language.  It is not important that you understand what you are hearing but allow the vibration to penetrate your consciousness.  Your higher self (I AM Presence) knows and understands what is coming forth and often you will be able to perceive the wisdom and knowledge through feeling.  It is really quite remarkable!

The Language of the Light is accessed and activated through our heart and DAP (Divine Access Point) and it is these codes of light which unlock dormant memory enabling us to access our ancient lineage held within our DNA.  We are utilizing light to unlock dormant codes and ancient wisdom.  I like to think of it as placing a golden key inside each of the cells of our body and turning the key activating pre-agreements and our divine blueprint.  

The Language of the Light can vary in sound and also through tones.  Some people do not understand this sound frequency attempting to come through them and they suppress it.  Instead of suppressing it, realize that your higher self is trying to open up and express your true nature.  

I have recently channeled a meditation on how to access the Language of the Light and I will be sharing this knowledge through a video in the near future for those who wish to position themselves in opening up this doorway.

My spiritual team from the higher realms want me to remind you that you are infinite love and grace.  As we return to our natural state of unconditional love, we emerge into God perfection.

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